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Name a celebrity, ANY celebrity, and odds are, Tim Alan has done their make-up. From "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Sarah Michelle Gellar) to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" (Melissa Joan Hart), from Superman (Brandon Routh) to Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion), he's done 'em all, and to put it mildly, done 'em well, for the last (cough) 30 years.

And that's just for starters, people. Tim isn't just a Rolodex that could pass for a Who's Who of Who's Hot (or ever was!), he's also a regular contributor to what is probably an unfair number of the magazines, TV series, movies and album covers over which the world obsesses and/or has obsessed.

Why? How? Huh?

Tim's one of Hollywood's secret weapons, that's how. He's as deadly with a mascara wand as onetime client Arnold Schwarzenegger is with a machine gun. But he isn't JUST another pretty face-maker. He's also a trouser-clad Alexis Carrington, a savvy business type who's been instrumental in the creation and quality control of some of your favorite cosmetic dynasties.

Oh, wait... did you think that that Alexis reference meant he was bitchy? He isn't. Well, not always. He volunteers with the American Cancer Society's Look Good, Feel Better program, which helps patients better deal with the side effects their treatment may have on their skin and hair. And he's also worked extensively for battered women through several safe houses.

See? He's not ALL glamour and excitement. (Just, um, mostly.)

In addition -- as if all that wasn't enough; hello?! -- Tim's the author of Two-Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make-Up Artist, he's done morning shows across the country in support of the book (and even the occasional afternoon show), he's currently working on two follow-up books, he's developed his own line of brushes (Chrysalis, no relation to the record label... yet), he's trained cosmetics company employees from coast to coast, gone back and forth again on tour with "Dancing With the Stars" victors Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke, and sent more than 1000 brides (he'd never use the word "bridezillas" in a bio) down the aisle.

Some more than once.

And has it been mentioned yet that Tim's done the make-up for everyone who's ever been anyone? Because, uh, he has. Let's throw out some more names: There have been chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay, actors like Alec Baldwin, Susan Lucci and Ryan Phillippe, athletes like Billie Jean King, Jim Palmer and Katerina Witt, household names like Kelly Ripa, Geraldo Rivera and "Supernanny" (Jo Frost), power mongers like George Stephanopolous, Helen Gurley Brown and Michael Eisner...

This list could literally go on for pages. If you want that, contact Tim's rep. In the meantime, pick your jaw up off the floor, and figure out how a collaboration with him can help you both.



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